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Do Indians Outside India Celebrate Rakshabandhan

When you are in India, you never miss even the smallest of the festivals. Everything about these Indian festivals attract you. Rakhi is one such festival that celebrates the relationship of a brother and a sister.

It is a great way to bring the people together, because people are driven by individualistic goals only these days. It is a good way to let people know of India’s traditions and cultures as well, because people are inquisitive by nature and often wonder where the festival of Rakhi originates from. However, once you settle abroad, away from India, you might start forgetting about rakhi altogether. To prevent that from happening, you can send Rakhi to Singapore or to other countries as well, so that you keep in touch with your roots and never forget the old and valuable traditions and cultures and festivals of India.


NRIs and Indian festivals:

It is true that whenever Indians move to some foreign country, they try to adapt to everything new and find a place in the new found culture. There are various reasons behind this kind of behaviour. In this attempt, sometimes they forget about their true culture and traditions. However, once you have been a part of something as grand and graceful as rakhi, it is difficult to erase it completely from your mind. That is why send rakhi to Singapore from India, and to other parts of the world as well, because people in these places also celebrate rakhi in large numbers.

Rakhi is not an one sided event either. It is not always the sister that is on the giving end and the brother on the receiving end. The sisters get return gifts as well. Now with online shopping, it is easy to send rakhi gifts for sister. Online shopping provides you with many options to choose from, a number of great discounts and other great offers as well. So people outside India celebrate rakhi in big numbers and they order these return gifts for sisters on the occasion of rakhi as well through online shopping.

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