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Nine Nostalgic Moments of a Sibling Relationship

Siblings are the greatest companion not only for childhood but for the whole life. But the smell of this sweet kinship that is formed in childhood is maintained all through the life. Just like a best friend a sibling witnesses all the best stories of your life and forms your greatest support. They are just a call away when you have nowhere else to go.

Here, we will present to you some of the nostalgic memories that you have shared with your sibling. Hope you can relate with each one of them.


1. Your elder brother and sister have always told you that you are the adopted child of your parents. There were times when you cried over this issue because you believed in that fact but as you grew up you knew the truth of their joke.

2. You were always called in front of your relatives to perform on any recent Bollywood number or any act that you do well. Not only you, but your elder brothers and sisters were also not exempted from this brutal act (at least it seemed brutal in childhood).

3. You being the youngest one became an instant model or specimen copy for your elder siblings. These elders don’t even care if you are a boy or a girl – they will just put on kilos of make-up and experiment with their skills.

4. If you happen to be the elder one, obviously you have to listen “you are the older one, behave properly with your brother and sister” at least 1000 times a day from everyone in your family. Even school teachers did not spare you from this dialogue.


5. On every rakhi when your sister tied the Kundan rakhi on your wrist, at such a young age also you felt quite responsible.

6. It always gave you immense pleasure in helping your elder sister or brother with some kind of mischief. You always did that in anticipation of handling the TV remote for the whole day or having the video game all by yourself for two days.


7. You always knew that if you spill the beans about the school or college crush, you have to listen to never-ending speech from your sibling, but you just cannot resist the news from him/her. In case even you tried to hide this from your elder sister/brother, you just couldn’t because they have a great spy mind always at work.

8. Every time you had a fight, the elder brother would threaten to kill you totally.


9. Somehow, you own a habit of always listening to your elder siblings in perhaps everything. That is the only reason when your parents want to talk to you on a very personal level, they get that job done by their elder sons/daughters.

Send designer rakhis to your sibling brothers and enjoy the lovely relationship.

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