Cakes have a long association with human culture and they have been traditionally used in ceremonies and festivities. The birth of modern day cakes is relatively new compared to the origins of the first cakes which were made in Neolithic times. Cakes are now such a favorite food item for all that their consumption and demand have increased significantly. Online sites cater to this requirement and provide facilities to order cakes anytime and from anywhere.

Cakes have always remained a part of human food culture and traditions throughout the centuries. Mankind has baked cakes ever since Neolithic times and various ancient cultures used cakes in rituals and religious ceremonies. Mention may be made of the Chinese harvest moon festival where cakes were used as offerings to the Lunar good and the ancient Celts too who used to roll down Beltane cakes in imitation of the solar cycle. The ancient Egyptians are considered to the first culture with significant baking skills even though their cakes were more bread like and sweetened with honey instead of sugar. Modern day cakes evolved much later on the European continent and now they have become one of the most popular food items in the world.

Cakes are indeed a favorite of all and their demand is increasing day by day. So a lot of online bakeries and delivery sites have cropped up to fill in the requirements. Distance is no longer a concern and one can now order online cakes in Mumbai anytime and any day of the year. Even if you are out of the country, it is now an easy affair to send cakes to Mumbai from any part of the world. Most online sites offer the freshest and best cakes in Mumbai and the variety of options available is simply amazing. From cup cakes to delicious Black Forest Cakes and personalized photo cakes to the classic chocolate cakes, the range of cakes online will leave anyone spoilt for choice. Arrange an online cake order delivery in Navi Mumbai or any other part of the city for the special occasion of your dear ones. Delight your lover on the occasion of her birthday or treat your friends to a New Year’s Party with a surprise midnight cake delivery in Mumbai.

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