India is a land synonymous with festivals and they play a very important part in the culture of the country. The festivals are celebration of life and reflect on unique aspects of traditions and societal relationships. They are great time for social bonding and sharing special moments with loved ones. Festivals also give excellent opportunity to reflect on life and they also remind us of our relationships with other people.

Rakshabandhan festival is one such festival which focuses on the relationship between brothers and sisters. It is an occasion when we are reminded of our siblings and how much they mean to us. The day enforces our love for our brothers and sisters and also makes us feel part of a whole.

Rakshabandhan is a day of great rejoicing in most Indian families. It is a day for reunions, family gatherings and feasting. The day is marked by the sister tying of the ritual thread known as rakhi around the brother’s wrist and the return gifts for him. Another significant tradition of the festival is the exchange of sweets between all people in the family. Sweets are symbolic of good wishes and signify the sweetness of relationships.


Sweets are traditionally prepared at homes in most Indian families. The country is famous for its variety of traditional sweets or Mithais as they are popularly known. And Rakshabandhan, celebrations would be incomplete without sweets.

Rakhi sweets are so popular and essential that whole shops and stores would be filled up with them during the season. Ordering online rakhi sweets is also an emerging trend these days as they provide more convenience and save us the hassle of going to crowded shops and marketplaces.


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