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The moment I was first introduced to my sibling and the only sibling for the first time I had started spotting the differences that existed between both of us and most of them were quite glaring and obvious for anybody to understand. I used to talk a lot and my sibling remained quiet and the only time when he opened her mouth was for crying out aloud, I was dominating and he was quite submissive in nature. However, we slowly started to accept each other’s differences and build a solid foundation for having a strong sibling bond. It was this acceptance that we have developed for each other at a young age which made it easier for us to be each other’s best friends. When we were parted because of distance, it was then that I realize that even if I don’t talk to him so often but there is something truly magical that I share with him. And for more such magical moments, I never miss a chance to send rakhi to Hyderabad to let him know, how much I miss him.

Despite the endless fights and the differences that still happen to crop up in the later part of the lives but they will always be the first person to give a call when you are in trouble. The sibling relationship is considered to be one of the lasting relationships that children have.


You siblings have always been our best partners be it the best partners in committing some notorious crimes together, counsellors, playmates, protectors and tormentors amongst others. But they have always been great teachers too. They will teach you how to resolve conflicts and how to have the best of friendships.

Letting go of the negative feeling is never easier but the siblings do it best. And moreover the fiercest of the battles that takes place between siblings which leaves a durable damage. They learned how to be patient, acceptance and even some of the important lessons which will be useful for the other in life. Siblings that experience some traumatic events which can be the loss of the loved ones bond together well, keeping all their differences aside.

For all the times that they have spent together in the past and at the same time they don’t pass judgement on each other. They are able to understand each other even when you haven’t spoken about it quite out aloud. This is what makes them a significant part of your life.

Later in life, when you grow old the unparalleled bond that you share with your siblings will only grow stronger with each passing year. You can send online rakhi gifts to Delhi, even when you are miles away from your beloved.

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